KPAE - Paine Field


Paine Field, also known as Snohomish County Airport is home to the Boeing Everett plant, the world's largest building by volume, and the primary assembly location for Boeing's wide-body 747, 767, 777 and 787 aircraft.

In addition to the Boeing facility, Paine Field is also home to Aviation Technical Services (ATS), one of the nation's largest aviation maintenance facilities.

On the GA side, Paine Field has over 100 hangers and tiedown spots for an additional 100+ aircraft.   The airfield is also home to three flight schools — making it a popular destination for flight training.

So, wether you are an old pro, or have just recently “fledged”,  KPAE - PAINE FIELD has something to offer to any X-Plane pilot.  Take a few minutes to explore the area and see what KPAE - PAINE FIELD has to offer YOU.


Welcome to Paine Field - Home base for boeing jets

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KRNT - Renton Field

Home of the Boeing 737

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