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From the farmlands and forests of eastern Alberta to the rugged snow capped peaks of British Columbia you’ll find a scenic paradise for all types of pilots. CANADIAN ROCKIES 78+ airports and seaplane bases are ready for your next X-Plane adventure, be it IFR or VFR. Take a tour of the entire front range of Alberta, enjoying over 700 miles of uninterrupted custom scenery from the United States border in the south to Fort Smith in the north. If bush flying is your thing, challenge yourself to some of the packages more demanding destinations, from high mountain lakes to glacier runways. Heavy metal pilots will find both Calgary and Edmonton International Airports faithfully reproduced, as well as numerous smaller regional hubs stretching all the way to the Yukon Territories.  Military pilots can take part in Maple Flag, the multi-national war games hosted at CFB Cold Lake

Fans of Inside Passage and Final Frontier, XP-Scenery's previous scenery packages, will find CANADIAN ROCKIES a logical extension, as well as a considerable advance in the state of the art for large scale X-Plane scenery packages. Many airports now feature accurate ground texture overlays, and the forest files and placement are much more widespread, accurate and sophisticated. As always, the package is optimized so that a wide range of computers will deliver smooth frame rates.

Take a few minutes to explore what Gateway to the CANADIAN ROCKIES has to offer you.


Welcome to the gateway to the canadian rockies

San Francisco Bay area scenery for X-P 9 and 10

Southeast Alaska


Version 10.0

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